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Framework for building data-intensive Applications

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Framework for building data-intensive Applications

"refine is a React-based framework for building data-intensive applications in no time ✨ It ships with Ant Design System, an enterprise-level UI toolkit.

refine offers lots of out-of-the box functionality for rapid development, without compromising extreme customizability. Use-cases include, but are not limited to admin panels, B2B applications and dashboards.

Higher-level frontend frameworks can save you a lot time, but they typically offer you a trade-off between speed and flexibility. After many years of experience in developing B2B frontend applications and working with popular frameworks, we came up with a new approach to tackle this dilemma. This is how refine is born.

refine is a collection of helper hooks, components and providers. They are all decoupled from your UI components and business logic, so they never keep you from customizing your UI or coding your own flow."

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