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Open-source MERN Travel Blog Template

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Open-source Travel Blog Template

"WanderLust is a MERN travel blog website πŸš€ This project is aimed to help people to contribute in open-source, upskill in React and master Git."

  • Start your open-source journey: This project aimed to kickstart your open-source journey. Here, you'll learn the basics of Git and get a solid grip on the MERN stack and I strongly believe that learning and building should go hand in hand.
  • React mastery: Once you've got the basics down, a whole new adventure begins of mastering React. This project covers everything, from simple form validation to advanced performance enhancements. And I've planned much more cool stuff to add in the near future if the project hits more number of contributors. We want you to get the most out of this project—it's all about learning, contributing, and growing in the open-source community.


Krishna R Acharya

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