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πŸŒ‹ Pluggable Enterprise-Level React Application Framework

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πŸŒ‹ Pluggable Enterprise-Level React Application Framework

"Umi is a routing-based framework that supports next.js-like conventional routing and various advanced routing functions, such as routing-level on-demand loading. With a complete plugin system that covers every life cycle from source code to build product, Umi is able to support various functional extensions and business needs. Currently Umi has almost 50+ plugins in both community and inside company.

Umi is the basic front-end framework of Ant Financial, and has served 3000+ applications directly or indirectly, including Java, node, mobile apps, Hybrid apps, pure front-end assets apps, CMS apps, and more. umi has served our internal users very well and we hope that it can also serve external users!"



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