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React Bricks

CMS with Visual Editing for Next.js, Gatsby & Remix

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CMS with Visual Editing for Next.js, Gatsby & Remix

"React Bricks is a CMS with visual editing based on React components. It's flexible for developers: create your own design system using React components, add visual editing in your JSX and add sidebar controls to edit props like the background color.

Choose Next.js, Gatsby or Remix and any CSS framework you like! It's easy for content editors who can directly edit in a visual way without breaking the design system: much easier than editing abstract entities using gray fields, as in a headless CMS. And you save time, as content editors are autonomous!

It's enterprise-ready with collaboration, time-machine, single sign-on, GDPR-compliant datacenters, global CDN for optimized images, e-commerce integration, scheduled publishing and more.

The React Bricks library is written in TypeScript and React and works with any React framework, like Next.js, Gatsby or Remix. It has a great step-by-step tutorial with gamification and is very well documented."

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