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Onboarding Builder for SaaS Tools

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Onboarding Builder for SaaS Tools

"Flows lets you build any onboarding you want. Guide users, increase feature adoption, and improve revenue.

  • Create flows with a WYSIWYG editor or define them in your codebase
  • With Flows Cloud you can create and update flows on the fly without having to redeploy your app
  • Automatically track the performance of your flows
  • Use advanced step types like wait, conditional, call a function, and AI decision
  • Customize anything with CSS and JS
  • Connect to external analytics tools to get the full picture of your user's journey

With its flexible approach, Flows unlocks the potential of your product by providing the tools to build seamless onboarding experiences for your users. It is the tool of choice for modern SaaS companies.

The Flows app is built using React, NextJS, TypeScript, Supabase (Auth) and Panda CSS. On the backend it uses NestJS, TypeScript, Drizzle and PostgreSQL."

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