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AWS Design System

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AWS Design System

"Cloudscape is an open-source design system for building intuitive, engaging, and inclusive user experiences at scale. It consists of an extensive set of guidelines to create web applications, along with the design resources and front-end components to streamline implementation.

Cloudscape was built for and is used by Amazon Web Services (AWS) products and services. We created it in 2016 to improve the user experience across AWS web applications, and also to help teams implement those applications faster. Since then, we have continued enhancing the system based on customer feedback and research.

Discover our library of components: Built with React, they are tested, accessible, and responsive."



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React Thermal Printer React for Thermal Printing
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React Movable Drag & drop for Lists and Tables
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Sentry for React React Error Monitoring
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rc-collapse Accordion Component
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React Use Intercom React Intercom Integration
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